November 3, 2008

Grey's Bigotry.

I am so incredibly angry right now. I found out today that the actress who plays Dr. Erica Hahn, Brooke Smith, has been fired from Grey's Anatomy, because ABC got cold feet about her character's lesbianism, and relationship with Dr. Callie (played by the lovely Sara Ramirez). Brooke Smith spoke with David Ausiello about her surprise firing (this thursday will be her last episode) Read the interview here. I'm also incredibly pissed about the way they treated that whole relationship between Callie and Erica- as Brooke Smith says- what woman needs to ask a guy about going down on another woman??? However, I don't mind so much that they treated the two getting together as sort of awkward, because it seems as though everyone on that show is super's just a little bit ironic that the doctor replacing Hahn has Asperger's (the character does, not the actress)...which has me thinking- is this a joke? What SURGEON would have Asperger's-physical clumsiness being a typical symptom of Asperger's Syndrome. Ok. So that was my little freak out. I can't wait to hear what T.R Knight and the wrath that is Katherine Heigl have to say about this. It's not about the show people. It's the fact that it's 2008, and we are still dealing with this bullshit bigotry.

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