November 4, 2008

You can't be a feminist and vote for McCain. Pick one, and get over it.

I've noticed recently that some feminist, or at least "pro-women" acquaintances have decided to show their support for McCain, and in Canada, Stephen Harper (or Stef Carse, as this is the person who Sarah Palin believes is the Prime Minister of our country). A feminist for McCain...well, this is completely oxy-moronic. Let's start with abortion for a minute. You cannot be a feminist and be pro-life. You can be a feminist who under no circumstance would ever have an abortion, and would really prefer if other women did not get abortions- but a feminist does not DECIDE this choice for other women. That is why feminists are pro-choice, "choice" being the operative word. Women should be allowed to choose for themselves. Why is it that so many conservatives on one hand are so concerned with the life of the unborn child-but when that child is born, they don't give a damn about what happens to that child. Conservatives do not support social spending. They don't really care about what kind of education, or health care that child will receive. Because you cannot be morally "a conservative" without being a "financial conservative". They fight so hard to make sure that fourteen year old will give birth- but when that child enters the world "you're on your own buddy!". Let's talk about that fourteen year old mother. Now, kids don't generally have the BEST judgment, but they are also not generally retarded. If you tell a kid about using a condom, or using birth control pills, chances are, they will use them, because they don't want to be pregnant! But conservatives support "abstinence only" programs, because they still foolishly believe that if you teach a kid how to use a condom, you're supporting pre-marital sex. I don't understand why conservatives just won't listen- the kids are going to do it with or without a condom- don't you want them to use a condom??? If you teach a kid about a condom, when they have sex (they WILL be having sex), chances are they will use a condom, avoid contracting H.I.V (and myriad other transmitted infections), and avoid an unwanted pregnancy.
Now on to Sarah Palin. One of these "pro women" acquaintances of mine stated "If Sarah Palin was a democrat, you would love her". Sarah Palin could never be a democrat, that's the point. Stupidity and ignorance like that is only inextricably linked to republicanism. Sarah Palin was pranked by the Masked Avengers from Montreal the other day. She believed she was taking a call from Nicholas Sarkozy, the president of France. Now that part is OK, these guys have pranked everyone, from Bill Gates to Donald Trump, it's no wonder she was duped. What I take issue with, is the fact that "Nicholas Sarkozy" told her how much he liked the film produced by Hustler "Nailin Palin", how hot Carla Bruni is in the sack, discussed the Prime Minister of Canada, fellow Conservative, "Stef Carse"- and she just agreed with everything, or simply expressed delight. Read the transcript here. As "Rednecks for Obama" state, "a poor man who votes for a republican is a fool". That's right boys. And as I say, a woman who calls herself a feminist, and votes Republican, is an idiot.


Anonymous said...

Amazing. Thank you for using the word 'myriad' correctly as well. Great post! You can't suscribe to two antithetical ideologies. Love.

Dolce said...

Love it -- you tell them!