November 2, 2008

Today, Perezhilton has posted a pic of Sienna Miller and Balty Getty upon which he has scrawled "ho" over Sienna Miller's body but applies no such epithet to Balty', who left his four kids and wife for Sienna! I'm sorry, but if we're only going to accuse one of them of being immoral in this mess, that honour would have to go to Balty, who walked out on his entire family. Sienna made no commitment to to Getty's wife to stay with her and raise their numerous children together. It's time the media stop blaming "the other woman" every time there's a scandalous split and hold the husband/wife/partner in question accountable.

I don't even like Sienna Miller. I think she's a poor actress, and I don't even think she's that well-dressed, but still, don't blame her for ruining a marriage she wasn't even a part of. She didn't make Balty abandon his wife any more than Angelina Jolie forced Brad Pitt to leave Jennifer Aniston (even though I know the the sexist minivan majority seems to think she is culpable of that to this day.

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