September 13, 2008

Now wait a minute....

Obama has been spending his time recently trying to defend himself after messing up royally in a speech on Tuesday. Criticizing the Republican nominees’ "change campaign", Obama stated, ‘You know, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig’.
This statement was a response to Sarah Palin's comment to the audience of the Republican convention- that the only difference between a hockey mom and pitbull terrier was lipstick.
So while it was in poor taste for Mario "Perez" Lavandiera to depict Sarah Palin in that way, he was merely illustrating Obama's comparison of Palin to a Pig. And because I can't resist "Palin 'Pales In' comparison to the intelligence of a pig. But I digress.
I think Perez has identified one key issue of this whole Palin as VP fiasco, that is, he wants to know whether women voters who were formerly Hillary supporters (note: Hillary supporters are die-hard, forever strong. Just because she isn't on the ticket, doesn't mean her would-be voters don't support her. I only say "formerly" because at this point, scrawling HILLARY over a ballot that asks one to choose between Obama-Biden and McCain-Palin, would simply do no good) will sidle over to Palin's pen now that there is only one uterus on the ticket. As Perez points out, there are little or no similarities between Palin's politics and Rodham-Clinton's, and I'm pretty sure that Hillary's voters know will they really cast their vote in favour of Palin?

- With notes from The Times

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