August 13, 2008

Why does it even matter?

I haven't been watching much of the Olympics (okay I fell off the wagon this morning when they began to show coverage of my favourite sport that rarely ever ever ever EVER gets TV coverage). For one I find it very consuming (apparently it's like Lays chips -- once you start your can't stop). Whoever does the commentary and gives info on the athletes really suck you in and you find yourself caring about sports you don't pay any attention at all to for the next four years. For me, the best antidote for that is to simply not watch as much as possible. Since my bf is not that into it, and I'm unimpressed about it being in China (rant's posts have increased my feelings of guilt when I do watch) it hasn't been that hard to stay on an Olympic diet, rather than being consumed by it.

I was sucked into watching it with family on Saturday night. It was mainly swimming, along with some gymnastics (and man the MUSCLES on those gymnasts are crazy -- especially when they do the rings). I can't remember what race it was (I think one of the women's backstroke), but one of the (male) commentators made a comment that really stood out to me. It was about the French participant in the race, and he essentially said that she has a bit of an unreliable history and has switched coaches many times in the past few years -- along with boyfriends. Now the coach part I have no problem with, but what gives these commentators the right to comment on their personal lives? And further more why does having multiple boyfriends mean she is unreliable? Especially in regards to sports? Is there some link btwn multiple boyfriends and losing races that I haven't heard about? Since when did committed relationships and extended monogamy become a prerequisite of Olympic athletes?

And when watching the male races, I never heard anyone mention that "X" was a talented swimmer, but was known to be a player, both with his coaches and the ladies. Talk about a freakin double standard. Apparently the good female athletes are committed to their men (no matterwhat) and are good girls who have a boyfriend (b/c clearly showing interest in multiple men, or having a series of relationships = WHORE), and have been with him for years. Oh yeah, these girls probably also lost their virginity to their one-and-only boyfriend, and have promised to never have sexual thoughts about another man for the rest of their life. Maybe we should start recruiting our female athletes from convents? Then they'd at least meet the moral bar that we seem to have set for them.

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