March 28, 2009

Petition Update

George Galloway is that British MP who wants to speak in Toronto on March 30, and wants to say some pretty controversial things about the war in Afghanistan, but Harper and his cronies won't let him - because they claim he's some sort of threat to national security when he's really just a threat to the popularity of their war effort. There is a petition you can sign for people who want Galloway to be allowed to speak. I think this is a worthwhile cause. You should sign this petition, in my opinion, and if you haven't already, please do right here. Still, what gets me is how many MORE people have signed this petition than the one to save women's studies at Guelph.

Women's Studies at Guelph represents an entire group of professors who will no longer get to speak about gender issues and generations of students who will not get to learn them. Don't kid yourself, it is almost impossible for programs to come back from the dead, as when the recession is over, existing programs will be asking for MORE money once again, and therefore it's not like the Guelph administration can just bring Women's Studies back with a snap of their fingers. So, I hate to be obnoxious about this, but the George Galloway petition has over 5000 names attached to it, while the one to save Women's Studies at Guelph has a bit under 1300. So, if you haven't signed the Women's Studies one already, please do so here. Also, even if you have already signed it, if you care about Women's Studies, that just isn't enough. Please use five more minutes of your life to forward this petition to as many people you know as you think will sign it. This includes boyfriends, girlfriends, mothers, sisters, friends, old teachers, professors, employers, etc. Please do it.

Many of the writers and readers of the broadspot benefitted from Women's Studies courses in undergrad. Let's pay it forward and make sure future generations can too...So come on! This is feminist activism - pass it on!

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