March 1, 2009

I love Lenka!

Do you listen to Lenka? I think you should. I usually defer to Lux and her exemplary taste when it comes to music posts, but this is one endorsement I don't feel apprehensive about making. Lenka is an Australian anti-folk singer a la Yael Naim but whose lyrics and melodies are more playful. Lenka is incredibly honest, and deals with heavy issues, like love, break-ups, self-loathing, mortality, destructive relationships and so much more. Yet, despite not glossing over life's messy bits, Lenka's tunes are infectious and uplifting. Her songs seem to find the joy even in sadness. There's something very life-affirming without being trite about listening to Lenka's self-titled debut album. She celebrates the ambivalence, heartache and just general diverse breadth of experience that makes up any good and interesting life.

So, if you are looking for a musical way to procrastinate, give Lenka a listen. Start with my favourite "Don't Let Me Fall." Then move on to her better known works like "Trouble is a Friend" And "The Show." Youtube her here.


Steph said...

Hey Rants,
I gave this a listen and I like it a lot. It reminds me of much of the music on the show Privileged. Do you watch? If so, let's discuss (particularly representations of homosexuality and of teenage sex!)

rantsalamode said...

I have seen Privileged. My mom and sister love it. I think it's cute but sometimes it troubles me. What do you think about it's representations of teenage sex and homosexuality? I'll watch more episodes and get back to you. Glad you like Lenka, though.