February 27, 2009

Wait! Doesn't Everyone Find Sarah Haskins Funny?

I just introduced one of my guy friends to Sarah Haskins (ie. the funniest woman alive) and he didn't laugh! He didn't find her funny. Can you believe that? You know why? He said that he just couldn't laugh because it wasn't targeted at him. Now, okay, I guess I understand that he's never taken the birth control pill, so he doesn't have the experiences that could really help him relate to her work. Still, I can laugh hysterically at Superbad without ever having been a 16 year old boy desperately trying to hook up with the hot girl from my math class! Aren't some things just funny? I thought Sarah Haskins bridged the divide between what "men" are supposed to find funny and what "women" find funny. I can't believe I was wrong. In fact, I will not accept that I was wrong.

I wonder, was my friend just too inhibited at the thought of finding a girl speaking about girlie things funny? Did he feel the need to pretend he couldn't relate to ads aired on lifetime selling yogurt? Did he think finding a girl funny would make him less masculine? Maybe just on a sub-conscious level? I think that must be it. At least, I hope it is, because then maybe one day he can learn to laugh along with me at Sarah Haskin's hilarity, and then his life really will be so much better, don't you think?

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