October 31, 2008

No on Proposition "Hate"

I was watching Dr. Phil the other day for a minute because he was doing a show on "gender confused" children. A mother was speaking about her son, who, when he was a little boy, liked to dress in girl's clothing, have girls as playmates, liked to play with "girly toys" etc. She said that when her son would go to school, he would be teased, bullied, and be subject to terrible harassment. Dr. Phil had an "expert" in the audience, who stated "as the adult, you should not have let your son go to school wearing earrings, or allowed him to play with girly toys. You are the adult, and you have to be responsible for the consequences- you knew that he would get beaten up for behaving and looking like that". I cannot believe that to this day, we allow people who are so incredibly ignorant to get up, and speak on international television. What if we weren't dealing with sexual orientation, but Race? Imagine his comment during the period when segregation was breaking down in American schools. That is, apply the "advice" just given a moment ago, to a situation that deals with Race. Imagine, if for example, a child was biracial, half black, half white, and his mother said to him "son, please try and hide your blackness today at the all-white school, you don't want to get beaten up". Essentially what this audience member was saying, is that it's your fault if you are different, and you get beaten up because of it.
Anyways, don't listen to me, listen to Samuel Jackson in this video, he knows whatsup.

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