May 27, 2009

1 pound of flesh.

The new issue of People features a sveldt Melissa Joan Hart on the cover of their magazine. Standing tall and smiling into the camera, Hart is beaming, and the caption underneath her reads "Now 113 pounds!" Jennifer Love Hewitt recently (and rather famously) claimed to be a size two- she isn't- so did Kim Kardashian-she isn't either (the latter also claimed that she weighs 115 pounds). When I read these statements, I feel so betrayed, so lied to, it makes me so angry. There are many women, including myself, who everyday contemplate the calories in their meals, and decisively figure out what they can and cannot eat. Who feel so guilty after they eat something they maybe shouldn't have. This is not fun. There are many women who wonder whether they should eat that day at all. This is even less fun. We think to ourselves, "well so and so weighs 113 pounds,that's what's healthy.... how am I ever going to get there???!" Well, "so and so" isn't 113 pounds. There is no way that Melissa Joan Hart is 113 pounds. I know this because I once weighed 113 pounds (I'm 5'5) and I looked...let's just say brittle, for lack of a better word. Also, I now weigh 121 pounds, and I'm just going to go ahead and say that I'm obviously thinner than Melissa. So People, Us Weekly, what is up with this fuckery? Don't tell me that I'll be better when I'm thinner. Being a 113 pounds is not a weight most adults can achieve healthily, and why should I be "healthy" at 113 pounds when you the girl you claim weighs 113 pounds, weighs something more like 131?

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