February 16, 2009

You, Me, and the Bourgeoisie

Hey Ya'll.

I went to a great show last night, and I thought I should share with you the music of the Submarines. You've probably heard of them, because one of their songs is reworked instrumentally to be an Iphone (or Ipod... whatever.) commercial. On the one hand I find it sort of irritating that some of my fave indie bands (hem hem leslie feist)are going commercial with their songs by allowing them to become the vehicles for hugely successful commercials (and that they are therefore "working for the man"), but then again, it's a reciprocal relationship. I'm sure hundreds of people have discovered the submarines or leslie feist by googling "iphone commercial". To be sure, I am so happy that more people are able to discover their music. It is highly ironic though, that Apple chose to use the Submarines "You, Me and the Bourgeoisie" to promote their product. As the lyrics go

"Love can free us from all excess,
From our deepest debts,
Cause when our hearts are full we need much less

I know we long for something fine,
When we pine for higher ceilings-
And bourgeois happy feelings"

Selling Apple products with these lyrics? I don't think so. I guess that's why Apple chose to use only the melody, and not the lyrics. Anyway, I sort of feel like the Submarines have sold out a little because of this, but it doesn't diminish their great music. And hey, starving artists have to eat right?


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