January 30, 2009

Please Watch Big Love! For me!

If you don't watch Big Love, the HBO series about modern day polygamists living in Salt Lake City, you must. It is simply one of the best shows on television (and second to none when it comes to providing a nuanced analysis of gender and sexuality issues). In case you haven't noticed, this is a plug. Please watch! Check your local paper for listings in your neck of the woods. I need people to discuss the show with and I know no one who watches, which is a shame for you as well as for me, because other than Gossip Girl and Mad Men, it's the only great show on television at the moment, in my opinion. Please watch and then we can discuss! Okay, well think about that while I'm in the British countryside this weekend, "freezing my tits off", as the British would say. I used to think this was an inappropriate saying, but the teacher at the school where I teach debating used it today in front of her pupils, and she's a feminist as well as an educator, so I'm assuming it's not profane or anti-feminist to say it.

Happy weekending!


Lux said...

I adooorrrrree Big Love but am about a season behind. Once midterms end, I'll do my best to catch up with you and the rest of the world :)

Also -- congrats on the PhD offer!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I will totally discuss it with you. I will rewatch the episode you mentioned in your fbook post, so I can be a little more "with it" in terms of what actually happened. Who is your fave wife?

rantsalamode said...

I like them all. I used to think Margie's storyline was the most interesting, as she basically uses Barb as a mom and is really more of a sibling to the older kids. Nikki's use of birth control is making me like her better, though. What about you? Who is your favourite wife?

Steph said...

That's a tough call. I would argue that Margene is the most likeable. Perhaps that's a bit troubling because she is also the least assertive. However, I would say that all the wives are incredibly interesting in light of the fact that they are all kind of straddling two worlds. Margene is caught between her semi-bad girl past and her upbringing in the world outside of mormonism with this hew life within a polygamous family. Nikki is caught between connection to the compound and her new life with rejects a lot of the compound's values. And then there's Barb, whose left to reconcile her former life as a first and only wife with her new blended family. Although she's not the most sympathetic character at times, I think Chloe Sevigny does an amazing job playing Nikki. I also LOVE Amanda Seyfried. Rhonda is very upsetting though. Did you know that the girl who plays Rhonda was the voice for Lilo in the Lilo and Stitch movies? I haven't seen them, to be honest, but I was surprised to learn that she's been in a fair number of other movies, etc. before.