September 21, 2008

Rachel Maddow: an update on her awesomeness

Check it out! US Presidential Nominee, John McCain -and seemingly all of his campaign surrogates- are refusing to appear on the Rachel Maddow Show despite its huge ratings and popularity among female voters. Could it be that he is (dare I say) scared of Maddow? He touts his time as a POW as an example of his courage and resilience, yet he can't face a journalist who might call him out on his bullshit?

This isn't the first time the McCain camp has avoided particular media outlets for fear of.. well... having to answer real questions. He cancelled his appearance on Larry King Live after one of his advisors got ripped apart by another reporting heroine, Ms. Campbell Brown.

It is so refreshing to see female reporters on major networks who are smart, gutsy and agressive. Moreover, kudos to said networks for supporting these women and their journalistic freedom, instead of pandering to the politicians to secure an on-air appearance.

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Mason Shael said...

Well said, Lux. It's interesting that after so many years of uncritical, star spangled, pro-Bush babble some major news outlets are, quite frankly, ripping the balls off of the GOP. Even just one year ago I doubt you'd be able to find any hard-edged, anti-Republican news on CNN or MSNBC. I also think it's great that you guys give kudos when it's due; this is the first praise of a major network reporter I've ever seen in the liberal blogosphere since the departure of Phil Donahue. Praising CNN isn't exactly popular in these parts, however because the vast majority (of Americans) get their news through major networks, I think it's important to highlight the few reporters who do real work.