July 19, 2008

Music Highlight

Introducing Ms. Lykke Li -- Live and Acoustic

With her strong lyrics and fragile voice, she's a classic hybrid -- boldly indie yet deliciously poppy. Although she hasn't spoken openly about feminism or gender issues, I'd like to think she's worthy of a broadspot highlight. When I first came across the Swedish artist, she struck me as an embodiment of Brushwood Rose and Camilleri's Brazen Femme. She's "a hell-raiser in heels" who doesn't shun traditional feminine qualities, but employs them when she chooses to. She couples this femininity with brash strength, all too often associated with masculinity. As a result, Lykke Li, like other brazen femmes, "challenges the status quo and destabilizes social relations of power" in that she complicates our understanding of identity as either wholly masculine or wholly feminine. What do you think? Am I reading too much into her in an effort to justify my obsession?

P.S. And yup, that's Robyn in the background... the one with the mad clapping skills :)

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