April 13, 2011

Ashton Kutcher, are you just really inappropriately trying to punk me?

Have you seen Ashton Kutcher's new anti-sex trafficking ads? They are ridiculous.

Do they really think that a potential buyer of sex slaves will see these ads and think, "Nope, you're right. I should just make a grilled cheese sandwich with an iron now.." Celebrity vanity projects where they make PSAs ABOUT a problem that in no way SOLVE a problem, and here, just MAKE A MOCKERY OF A PROBLEM, are the one of the most exhausting elements of pop culture.

Okay Jessica Biel, just because you have been in movies, why do you think you need to try to solve problems you don't seem to know much about, or else you wouldn't BE in such ads? Are you doing this to suck up to your ex-boyfriend? Were you guys still together at the time you both made your respective PSAs and you were trying to stay in his good books so he wouldn't leave you for that piece Olivia Wilde?

And you know what, part of the problem with trafficking of women is that we live in a our world where women are still often treated as objects. IF you didn't want to treat a woman like an object, why would you BUY her? So, being the sexy girl who purrs out to be a "real man" at the end of a PSA about a women's issue where the boys get to be the stars, well, aren't you just feeding the objectifying gaze? You're not FIGHTING the attitudes towards women that perpetuate sexual slavery of women. You are confirming some men's disgusting belief that women are just there to look hot and service men...