March 11, 2011

Angelina Jolie is too old to be a bombshell at 35?

Instead of making a third Tomb Raider movie with Angelia Jolie, who originated the character on film, the powers that be have decided to recast the role. Apparently, at 35, Ms. Jolie is now too old to be a bombshell. Nope, can't work with her - have to replace her. This, to me, is evidence of EXTREME sexism in hollywood. Think about it, Harrison Ford was 39 when he STARTED playing Indiana Jones, and got to play him twice more in his 40s, and once more again in his 60s. Robert Downey Junior got to start two major franchises (Iron Man AND Sherlock Holmes) in his 40s, and Daniel Craig was no 20-something when he took over from Pierce Brosnan as James Bond.

The doublestandard is obvious - men in hollywood gets some of their BEST opportunities AFTER 35, whereas women - even beautiful women like Ms. Jolie - are replaced by someone ten years their junior while still very much in their prime. By today's average lifespan in North America, 35 isn't even yet middle-aged, and yet apparently Ms. Jolie is past bombshell age. Next stop, "Driving Miss Daisy!"

It's not just rich movie stars like Angelina who suffer when they themselves cease to be relevant in their mid-thirties, it's the average woman too! If women can't play sexy at past the age of 33, we start to question whether it is indeed possible to BE sexy past our twenties. We wonder if we stop being relevant the minute the first blush of youth is past.

When we don't see women our age on screen being sexy (even fantasy women with great lighting and makeup artists at their disposal), it makes us feel a little worse about ourselves as we age. When they replace Angelina with someone like Megan Fox for Tomb Raider, the injustice of it all will just be f-ing annoying. Not to mention the fact that it creates worse and less believable movies.

I'm sick of seeing romantic comedies that start girls in their 20s who are too young to get the trials or tribulations of love the way a 35-year old Kate Winslet. The entire time I was watching last year's "Letters to Juliet," I was all like why can't this star Reese Whetherspoon? Because yes, I do like Amanda Seyfried, but at 24 she was just too young for me to care whether or not she found love. I was all like, you have time! What's the rush? Where's the urgency? Date around! IT was about as compelling as the love story between high schoolers VAnessa Hudgens and Zach Efron in those tv movies I've totally never watched and which shall remain nameless.

Yep, I'd like to see some real leading LADIES, not leading GIRLS

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