September 28, 2010

Gossip Girl Musings

So, I feel like Gossip Girl has dropped the ball on several things this season. First off, why did the writers forget that Penelope is Persian? So, we don't see her for all of season three, and suddenly she comes back and is descended from the founders of some WASPy Ivy league secret society? 60 years ago Pene's relatives were living large in Tehran, not hanging out in uptown Manhattan (let's face it, Columbia's in a kind of sketch neighbourhood compared to the Shah's palace).

Secondly, I am now less in love with Blair than I was before. Blair is not EVOLVING. Blair will always be power-hungry, but does Bitch have to tear apart the nicest French girl ever in some designer boutique? PSYCHO EX-GIRLFRIEND! B., if you can more or less forgive Chuck and tell him it's okay for him to come back to New York, then it is COMPLETELY out of line for you to harass his lovely (and SUPER HORNY) new French girl. Be nice! Why do so many girls do this with new girlfriends of their exes? You have a problem with the way he treated you, go key his car, don't ream out a perfectly lovely young lady who just happens to be hooking up with him. Blair has the potential to be a feminist, but ragging on Eva is the opposite of feminist-sexy.

How much sexual energy does Eva have? Where does it come from? Eva is ALWAYS about to jump Chuck. Now, I get having a healthy libido. I think it's admirable, but no matter what time of day, she is constantly trying to get it on. This leads me to wonder if her love of Chuck is really based on a belief that he is, deep down, a good person, or if she just likes his sexual stamina? Although, Chuck Bass does have a certain undeniable creepy sex appeal, so if I were dating him, I'm not sure I would act differently.

Where did Serena's clothes go? She's always been scantily clad, but this season she walks outside in shorts that are so skimpy they ACTUALLY resemble underwear I own. She might as well be leaving the house in hanky panky boy short panties, that's how classy and covered she looks.

Observation: Leighton Meester kind of looks like Winona Rider! I never noticed this before!

Oh, and Chuck is totally still in love with Blair. When he publicly made up by making out with Eva at fashion's night out, he looked back at Blair to see if she was watching - she wasn't! That's my girl! See, sometimes, Blair, you can make me really happy, so why do you have to so frequently disappoint me?

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