July 21, 2010

So F-cked Up!


Please read this article. It is truly bizarre. So, in Israel, a court just sent a Palestinian man to Jail for EIGHTEEN MONTHS because he told a chick his name was Daniel when it wasn't and had totally consensual sex with her. Many people, however, often adopt traditional regional names when working and living in a region where their names are considered foreign and hard to pronounce. So, I don't think it's necessarily that deceitful to go by an alias like that.

This court ruling is disgusting. First off, it's a bit paternalistic. Don't worry, nice girl who accidentally had inter-ethnic sex, we'll defend your honour by sending that dude to jail! It's also racist, because it wouldn't have been a problem if the dude hadn't been considered one of the dirty ethnic Others.

I have a name that is considered "traditionally Jewish." I have also been told by many Jewish people that I "look Jewish," whatever this means. If I were to go to Israel and introduce myself to some guy as "Sarah" and he just assumed I was Jewish and thought, "I'll bang her, because I only bang Jews" how is it my fault when he finds out my vagina is actually Christian? Doesn't he have agency? If f-ing only nice Jewish girls was really that important to him, shouldn't the onus have been on him to figure out for damn certain if I was in fact actually Jewish?

Also, this is a slippery slope. Can men go to jail for exaggerating their income levels slightly to sleep with a woman now? Or is the court just making a special allowance for racism?

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