July 14, 2010

Okay, Kim, You're Thin, But Why Lie About Your Weight? Why?

Now, Kim Kardashian has recently gone around telling publications that she is tired of being referred to as a "bigger" girl. I say, AMEN, sister! Kim is well below the national size 12 average, and so calling her bigger makes the average woman feel huge, instead of what they are, which is average. At the same time, I'm not sure I buy how little Kim says she is.

Ms. Kardashian says she's usually a size two or a four. Okay, I'm willing to believe that in CERTAIN things she can fit into a size 4, but I don't see her as a two. And that's not a bad thing. A two is not inherently better than a 4. A body's attractiveness is not just about size, and smaller doesn't equal better. I would personally, for example, much rather have Kim Kardashian's body than Paris Hilton's, and Ms. Kardashian is definitely a couple sizes larger than Ms. Hilton. And I would also like to look like Christian Hendricks over Elizabeth Moss, and Hendricks is probably a few sizes bigger than Moss (No offense to Miss Miss. You have a lovely figure, it's just not Hendrick's arresting body of the century).

I also don't know if I believe that Ms. Kardashian weighs 117 pounds, as she says she does. Now, she has lost a bit of weight recently (which she didn't really need to, as, at most, she was a size six before), but she and I are the same height (5'3) and have vary similar proportions (large breasts, big ass, you know, courtesy of Anatolia), and I weigh considerably more than 117 pounds. Kardashian does a lot of crunches, so she might weigh a bit less than me in the middle area, but I do cardio and I eat decently, so I see no reason why I would weigh much more than ten pounds more than Ms. Kardashian at most, when our measurements are pretty much the same, unless of course, she has ABSOLUTELY NO muscle tone.

No, I don't weigh 127 pounds. I weigh more than that, so I'm willing to bet that Kim weighs more than 117. And that's okay. Why does she have to lie? She looks great at her weight, so why can't she just come out and say what it really is, if she feels the need to say anything at all?

You don't HAVE to tell us how much you weigh, so when you do, don't lie. It gives the rest of us all body dysmorphic disorder. Kim, you probably weigh around 125 or 127. Maybe even 130 And THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. That is a very healthy weight.

Although, what saddens me most isn't that Kim Kardashian is lying about her weight - it's that, despite being a sex symbol and superstar who's been on the cover of numerous magazines because people think she's hot and for no other reason, she still feels the need to....

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