June 23, 2010

But What About Quebec?

Click here for a provocative article. . Um, so apparently Canada is a super popular dream destination for potential immigrants. Huge numbers of people the world over would give up their country for Canada. Why? Because apparently we're super accepting of immigrants! Hmm. This must explain why, in Quebec, they want to curtail women's rights to wear the niqab and won't let girls who wear the hijab play soccer.

While it's true (and I'm not trying to sound prejudice here), that the VAST majority of potential immigrants to Canada have no desire to move to Quebec, what with its lackluster economy and the fact that more immigrants know Englih than French, Quebec, by law, is still guaranteed about a third of immigrants who come to this country. Yeah, they get immigrants, and then they hate on them. It makes no sense to me, unless they get a kick out of doing it because it makes them feel MORE French?

Anyway, I know it's almost Canada Day, but let's not trade in self-reflexivity for blind patriotism. Yes, we are very lucky to live in Canada. I'm not saying we're not, but still, we could make this country much better and make its residents even LUCKIER to live here...

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