April 11, 2010

Oh My Gossip Girl!

Did you see gossip girl tonight? Blair is finally a feminist! She cut Chuck because he was an emotionally immature guy who used her and turned her into a submissive shadow of her robust former self. Now, I love me some Chuck and Blair, but Chuck is not at the point yet where he is man enough to love a womanly Blair. The right relationship is about finding someone who brings out the best in you, and Blair knows that now. After a seasons of struggles, Blair came to a totally believable turning point. That is like plus 4000 feminist points. I knew Blair could do it. I knew after all those trials and tribulations, she'd evolve.

I also love how Eleanor came to the realization that she hadn't been a perfect mother, and that Dorota is more than just hired help - she was a mother to her daughter. And when Dorota married Vanya, I swear, every little WASP girl in the world who was raised by a European nanny (this one included), shed a tear! After all, everyone overly privileged former WASP schoolgirl hopes that one day her nanny will find happiness.

Not only this, but DAIR! DAIR! DAIR! This hookup was inevitable at some point in the show's run, and it's the one I was MOST excited for (other than CHAIR, of course). Why? Dan and Blair are not the most compatible couple, and they won't end up together in the end, but this odd couple has amazing chemistry. They have good banter, and they're a total case of opposites attract. I HATE Dan usually. I normally think his character is boring as f-ck, but when he's with Blair, he's somehow more manly. He stands up to Blair rather than worshipping her, and everyone knows the best sex comes when people challenge each other. Blair and Dan challenge each other. This WILL BE HOT!

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