April 14, 2010

Glee makes me wish all breakups contained musical numbers!

Glee is back! How much do I love Rachel Berry? I love how her reaction to Finn dumping her was a totally incisive speech AND a song and dance number. Wouldn't it be great if ALL break-ups were musicals?

Listen to Lea Michele's rendition of "Gives You Hell" from last night's Glee here. Serenading your ex with a comeuppance song is SOO much better than a public dance-off. Why didn't Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake sing-off instead when their relationship came to an end?

I like how Rachel moved on after the breakup though. She got rejected by a boy, and didn't wait around for him. Jenny Humphrey could learn a thing or two from this. I also like how she spoke her mind and told Finn what she thought about WHY he was dumping her instead of just taking his abrupt termination of their relationship. Rachel might be a bit grating at times, but she's a great contemporary example of Girl Power! I can't wait to see how Rachel deals with Jessie's sham is revealed. I know she said it would "kill her emotionally" if he fucked with her, but Rachel proved today that she's a strong girl. She'll survive, and maybe even sing "I Will Survive"?

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