March 9, 2010

Gossip Girl Feminist Index Returns!

Okay, so this week's episode wasn't great, but it set up a lot of good potential. Let's grade that potential, shall we?

Minus 5 points to Blair for telling Serena she needs to wait to have sex with Nate and "play games." I'm not against waiting to have sex. I think it can be really helpful to wait for physical intimacy until you've established emotional intimacy, but I don't think that's the way it HAS to be. If two people feel comfortable starting with sex, then let them. Let's not be prescriptive. Being prescriptive about when people should have sex is not feminist-sexy. I would deduct more points, but Blair is young and just getting the high school beaten out of her. She doesn't realize there really aren't clear-cut rules when it comes to dating yet. Plus, didn't she first have sex with Chuck before they had come anywhere close to going on a date? He was her fuck buddy and then he became the love of her life, so even Blair doesn't follow her own rules. At the moment though, she's too young to be self-reflexive enough to realize she's a hypocrite. This is why she needs to take a course in first year women's studies!

Plus ten points to Serena for ignoring Blair and screwing Nate anyway, because she felt like it. Making decisions for yourself about when you're ready to do what is feminist-sexy. Yes, I am going to keep using the term "feminist-sexy" now. I like it. I don't care if you think it's lame.

Minus 10 points to Lilly for not coming clean to Rufus about "kissing" her ex in a hotel room earlier. Is it just me, or is this story she's telling him ridiculous? I HOPE, for the sake of the show, that this rich lady is lying. So, her ex is a doctor and her mom was dying, so she HAD to seek advice from him? That's what she tells Rufus. Like, um, is he the ONLY doctor in the world? You are Lilly Bass, you could OWN the Mayo Clinic. Does your mother's life really depend on one random doctor who abandoned you and your kids to live like a fugitive running around the world? Also, why did you kiss him, Lilly? Where did that get you? I can see him agreeing to help you for sex, but a kiss? I think this is a case of equivocating. She never said WHERE she kissed him. Clearly this was an exchange of oral sex for expert medical advice.

Minus 5 points to Jenny for being so obsessed with the drug-dealing Belgium prince who blows her off for Serena. Jenny, you are pretty but you are 16. Belgium princes who deal drugs are just too much for you right now, and he's not even into you. Your shade of lipstick at the French ambassador's party was nice, though.

Plus 10 points to Blair for leaving that random Table Elitaire guy to support her boyfriend in a personal crisis. Now, I don't think a woman's dream should always take a backseat to her partner's, but part of being an adult is learning what's important and what's not. In my opinion, founding super secret exclusive societies is NOT important, but when your partner's mother comes back from the dead, that's both pretty creepy AND important. Part of being a good feminist girlfriend is knowing to prioritise and when your partner needs your help and when to focus on yourself - it seems Blair is figuring that balance out.

Plus 5 points to Blair for telling that lying vaguely accented woman off for lying about not being Chuck's mother. Why the hell IS she lying though about being Chuck's mother? Her whole motivation for abandoning him and faking her death makes about as much sense as Lilly's reasons for visiting her ex-husband in his hotel room.

Plus ten points to Chuck's mom for taking responsibility for the pain and havoc she reaped on Chuck's life by faking her own death by attempting to call him. This is promising.

Overall Score: Plus 15.

General Comments:

I do not buy Serenate. Serena and Nate are boring. They are too superficially good looking people who cannot act, and so, the only solution is never to put them in a scene together. They can't do dialogue with one another and they have no chemistry. They are the only people in the history of "public coatroom sex" to make "public coatroom sex" look boring! I just didn't care. If I'd walked in on them doing it while getting my Prada trench, I probably wouldn't have batted an eye. When Serena grabbed his Nate's ass while they were going at it? OMG, awkward! You could tell that was not Blake Lively's highlight of her work day.

Also, what is up with Leighton Meester's face? I love her! I think she's a tremendous actress and I find her beautiful, but seriously, girl is living HARD. She's developed deep lines in her forward in the last six months. There is nothing wrong with wrinkles, but they probably shouldn't appear so abruptly. I think that's a bad sign.

Finally, where is Chuck's mother from? What the f-ck? is that accent? First we had Lilly and Rufus' secretly half-Persian son, and now we have Chuck's ambiguously accented mom? Ugh, so confusing. I would like some cultural specificity, please! I don't know why this is so important to me...

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