January 15, 2010

Six Six IS NOT FAT, So Shut the Fuck Up and Eat a Sandwich!

I'm sick of celebrities losing weight and that being considered "news" (Don't get me wrong, I'm also sick of them gaining weight and that being considered news, too), but really, honestly, when Kim Kardashian uses a crash diet to lose two dresses in one week, why must US weekly document this? Also, if they must, why is there no condemnation of why dangerous this must be? Because that's what it is - dangerous - to stop eating for 7 days and subsist off maple syrup or some such shit. Also, Ms. Kardashian didn't need to lose any weight. Not even from an aesthetic perspective, either! She had a gorgeous hourglass figure that worked perfectly on her. It was slim and it was sexy and it looked HEALTHY, so why starve yourself?

I'm also sick of hearing about the tiny Kate Hudson go from a size two to a zero for a movie using Tracy Anderson's crazy two-hour a day workout that you're supposed to do six days a week! Am I the only one who thinks that's extreme, and if that's the only way you can be a size zero, it's just not for you? I'm all for exercising, but it's more like 4 or 5 days a week for 45 minutes in the gym. I'm down with yoga a few times a few in the gym and some spinning classes in addition to fun weekend bike rides, walking to work or playing with your nieces in the park, but how am I supposed to enjoy my healthy body if I spend two hours a day working on it? Add that to my eight hour workday and my 1 and a half of commuting, my obligatory daily shower and chores like the laundry, and I have approximately 75 minutes a day to hang out with friends and enjoy my figure before I go to bed!

I'm sick of a media that would have me believe I have weight to lose even once I'm totally in shape and able to fit into all my cute clothes. Last year, Jennifer Love Whatshername told me she was fat when she was a size six, and then celebrated her transformation into a size two in magazines across America. This year, Kim Kardashian is telling me the same thing. Stop it! You're not fat! You're not unhealthy! Shut the fuck up and eat a sandwich!

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