January 12, 2010

My Childhood Isn't Just Over, It's Been Discontinued!

When I Was 11, I asked for the Samantha doll from the American Girl catalogue for my birthday. My parents, deciding I was too old to collect dolls anymore, got me a CD player instead. I have never forgotten this event. I was told I was too old to be a child that day, AND I got the most disappointing gift of my life (I know, I sound spoiled, but I NEVER said I Wanted a CD player. I was NOT interested in that). Well, to this day, I covet Samantha but have never received her. Unfortunately, I found out today that Samantha has been discontinued! How can American Girl do this to me? I always held out hope that one day my parents would realize their mistake and give her to me - Yes, I still believed that even yesterday, despite the fact that I am now 23. This is depressing news. Our childhoods now aren't just over, but they've been discontinued!

As a generation, I guess we've grown up, and all our memories are now available only on e-bay.

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