January 2, 2010

Good News for the New Year!

Isn't this nice? Kate Winslet's very healthy but smokin' hot celebrity body came out on top as the most desirable celebrity body according to a poll of women by the UK's Daily Mail. What's even better is that women don't want to emulate UNHEALTHY celebrity bodies, like Victoria Beckham, according to the poll. While I do not want to mock Ms. Beckham for having an eating disorder (Which, in interviews, she basically admits she does, as she openly admits she doesn't eat regular, balanced meals), I do think it's positive that the average woman polled isn't JEALOUS of her figure. This says that women may want a hot celebrity body, but they know which ones look like the product of a healthy diet and good fitness regime, and which ones seem to be the product of severe psychological illness and should not be emulated. Good news for the new year!

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