December 23, 2009

Sufjan Stevens for Christmas

Christian music gets a bad rep. Don't get me wrong, I f-king HATE most Christian rock, because usually the melodies suck and the lyrics about Jesus are over-the-top and uninventive; however, Sufjan Stevens, a musician I would classify as pretty indie hipster, has a number of songs about God in Jesus in addition to his standard angsty hipster love songs. These songs are gorgeously written and are a refreshing celebration of a faith so many people still follow - the only difference is, Stevens' songs will appeal to Christians with good musical taste, and believe me, they are out there, worshipping Christ but hating most Christian rock just as hard as the next person. So, because it's Christmas eve eve, I thought I'd treat you to a spiritual song that DOESN'T induce vomit. Here it is.

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