December 7, 2009

On Team Tiger?

So, a lot of people are on Elin Woods' side in this whole sordid Tiger Woods cheating scandal. I would say that popular opinion supports her, but I don't. Not Necessarily. If it turns out to be true that she lacerated Tiger's face and assaulted him with a golf club, then I'm NOT on her side. Sure, cheating is bad. It's incredibly painful and he apparently did it a lot, but abuse is worse. There is no excuse for assaulting someone who is not trying to assault you. If this had been a man assaulting a wife he believed was cheating on him, I really don't believe that popular opinion would have been on his side. We seem to feel that men can't be victims, and if a woman tries to pummel her husband's ass, it's just funny. Because in this case, lots of people have been laughing at Tiger, but really, it's not weak to get injured by someone who has a golf club as a weapon. A golf club can be a serious weapon, and really, despite the fact that Woods doesn't have a lot of personal integrity, he didn't deserve to be the victim of domestic abuse.

That's the thing we have to realize - anyone can be a victim of domestic abuse. All an abuser needs is the right weapon to even out the power dynamic. Domestic violence is NOT funny, and it should never be mocked on an SNL skit, in my opinion. The particular irony of this Saturday's skit, however, is that Rihanna was the musical guest that night. While some people were insensitive regarding Rihanna's experiences with domestic abuse, she was not mocked in the same way.

If your wife abused you, I'm on your side, Tiger. If she hadn't hit you, I'd be on hers, but assault is worse than cheating. No one ever has a brutal beating coming to them.

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