December 16, 2009

An NGO Worth Reading About

A friend of mine's father is the head of this organization, so I thought I would pass the word on, and basically, just say Kudos for doing a good thing! Jewish Voice for Peace is all about ending human rights abuses in Palestine and creating a fair and lasting peace for the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Check out their mission statement! If you're looking for a cause to donate to this holiday season, they are a VERY good one.

Christmas is coming and hanukkah is coming to an end. The holidays, for obvious reasons, remind me of Israel and Palestine, because those nations are where so many of the biblical stories we know and tell around this time of year took place. Wouldn't it be great if these nations could enjoy peace? Well, obviously! That goes without saying, but organizations like Jewish Voice for Peace go beyond WISHING for these things, and come up with an ACTION PLAN that I think could possibly make it happen, if it was popularly adopted. So read the mission statement I linked to. I hope you support it too! Popular support helps breed change, after all.

Remember, the conflict between Israel and Palestine is a women and gender issue, too. Huge numbers of Palestinian women and their babies die because they cannot cross through checkpoints in time to get to hospitals while in labour. This is just one example of how the conflict affects women (and there are many). It's also an example of something we could end if there were peace between these two nations.

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