November 25, 2009

Maybe I Don't Know Dick, But You Don't Know This Chick!

So, for the class I TA, we watched a film in lecture today called "You Don't Know Dick." It's about FtM transsexuals and traces their lives from childhood, through transitioning, to present-day living as a man. One dude in the doc, however was a fucking annoying and completely ignorant hegemonic man, in my opinion. This particular dude said that when he was a woman, he had very little sex drive and just cared about cuddling and relationships, but as a man, all he wants is sex. He says this is true of all men and all women - that women just want cuddles and men just want sex. He claims he knows this because he has been both a man and a woman. He attributes his now increased sex drive to the testosterone he takes, so all he's proven is that for HIM, taking testosterone and transitioning to be a man has made HIS sex drive more intense. Why does that have to mean all men like sex better than all women?

I know lots of women who like sex, and I don't appreciate women being essentialised as inherently less sexual. There are lots of other reasons this dude might like sex better now. I mean, if you never really felt comfortable with your body or genitals as a woman, as this man claims he didn't, then perhaps you wouldn't really be that into sex or feel that sexy. I mean, if you don't like your genitals, you probably won't enjoy sex, as it typically requires you to use them. Also, not all women have identical sex drives, just like not all men do, either. As early as the Kinsey reports in the 50s, we knew some men needed like 30 orgasms a week and some needed hardly any ever. There is the same range in women, I believe. Some women like lots of sex. I KNOW women who like lots of sex, just like I know some men who can go months without it quite unproblematically.

I just resent a transsexual man who tries to call upon his experiential authority about having lived both as ONE WOMAN and ONE MAN to try to claim that there is some essential and rigidly defined sex drive difference between the sexes. No, I've never transitioned to live as a man. No, I might "not know dick," but that stereotyping dude in the documentary doesn't happen to know THIS CHICK....

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