November 27, 2009

Is This Commercial Supposed to BE Funny?

You know that Pledge commercial where they trap the poor woman inside a glass box for seven days to show her that all the wood she cleaned with Pledge will stay clean a week later because of their special Pledge wood-cleaning formula? The woman is not happy when they tell her she has to stay for a week to watch her wood stay clean. "A week?!?!" she replies, but then don't care that she probably has other things to do. I mean, she might have a super important job, a friend's birthday party, a special date, or even some kids to feed, but it doesn't matter, she has to stay in the glass box with the wood. And then, at the end of the commercial, by the time we all know the wood is still clean, the woman knocks on the glass and begs, "Can I get out now?" But we never see them let her out, so for all we know, she's still trapped in there.

So, my question is, are we supposed to find this commercial funny? I personally feel that kidnapping and forcibly confining women is never funny, so why, in the year 2009, is it socially acceptable to show this on TV? And furthermore, am I really expected to laugh when you do insist on showing it to me? Is it really supposed to be funny, because I get the impression that it is? Sick!

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