November 11, 2009

Dissecting Mad Men: Season 3 Season Finale!

Did you watch the season finale of Mad Men? It was so good! My moment, the one I will analyse, is Joan's entrance. The boys are mutinying, but they can't find the files! These are men like Don, who didn't even appreciate Peggy until this episode, let alone their secretaries, and then they realize, despite thinking they were in control the whole time, that they were always at Joan's mercy. Joan saves the day and the boys really do seem to appreciate her for it. Don has fought for Peggy and is making her a partner, and Joan leads the charge to the new hotel room office, where she gives instructions about where the guys and Peggy are to have client meetings. Joan knows how to run an ad agency and none of the people who were paid to run it and had titles that suggested they could actually did. It's time for women's lib!

What makes it time for women's lib, however, isn't that Joan clearly knows how to run the agency and knows she is capable of this. Joan isn't just playing with the boys, but the boys seemed to appreciate her for playing with them. They know they need her and this gives her room to maneuver and negotiate - maybe they won't resist feminism much longer?

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