October 10, 2009

I DO Feel Sorry For Jen, But Not for the Regular Reasons...

Lainey linked to a great article about Jennifer Aniston the other day from salon.com, and now I'm going to link to it here.. It's all about how that girl is a total hypocrite who tells GQ she's sick of movies that make it look like the primary goal of every woman is to find a man while producing movies herself where that's the protagonist's goal AND selling us a tabloid vision of a woman on the hunt for the perfect man to have kids with. Please, I"m sure the real Jen, who seems calculating and doesn't seem to want kids or care too much about finding a husband (because she keeps dating men who clearly don't want to get married, like John Mayor), could actually be something of a feminist icon. She could defy convention and say that not all women want marriage or children, that becoming an earth mother like Angelina Jolie is not the only route to happiness and self-fulfillment. She could do this, and as a feminist who wants women to have as many choices as they might want, I would appreciate this, but something tells me she won't.

The stills from the newest Sex and the City movie show even Samantha Jones, the consummate single girl who truly seemed confident in her life choice, is now getting married. And people say we no longer need feminism? Please! The single girl isn't a fabulous cultural icon, she's still seen as a spinster who must eventually settle down. Thus, Samantha Jones must get married at the age of 52 in a designer white wedding dress, and Jennifer Aniston must at least pretend she's trying to do the same, or we couldn't like her any more. Better to be a loser who tries and fails to get married and have babies than a freak who doesn't want to?

In our pro-natalist, neo-conservative culture, it seems if you don't want to get married and have babies, no one gets you. So, Jen, I do feel sorry for you, but not because you haven't found a husband and had babies (it's not THAT hard, and if you'd wanted to settle and do it, I know you would have), but because you can't sell yourself to the media the way you REALLY are. Your fans wouldn't like you anymore if they knew you were childless by choice....Wow, our world is really fucked up, isn't it?

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