October 22, 2009

Gossip Girl Feminist Index

This week's was an exciting episode! Chuck Bass is bi-curious! Love love love! Now let's index.

Minus ten points to Vanessa for falling for Blair's manipulation and not asking Olivia just to surrender her speech. Vanessa, you are supposed to be smart! Of course Blair was sabotaging you the whole time. Blair doesn't speak to you unless to sabotage you.

Minus 15 points to Blair for sabotaging Vanessa to steal the parents' weekend speech. I'm all for some scheming, but for a parents' weekend speech? For serious? What is parents' weekend, anyway? We don't have those in Canada. Probably because they are lame.

Minus 5 points to Serena for being tricked into helping Nate deceive the Buckees so his cousin can get into congress. Serena, Nate is the sole person on the show who is more stupid than you are; he should not be able to lie to you so easily. It's one thing to get manipulated by Chuck or Blair, but Nate? That's just embarrassing.

Plus ten points to V's mom for hating private colleges. Hell's yeah! If my kid wanted a $50,000 undergraduate education, I'd be all like, "That's just criminal and unfair!" too. I like V's mom. She seems kind of Canadian.

Plus 20 points to Chuck for having been a bi-curious youth and also for the way he informed his girlfriend of this. I just love the condescending tone in his voice when Chuck said to Blair, "Do you really think I've never kissed a boy before?" Love the fact that Chuck's totally casual about his bi-curiosity. He's not ashamed of it and he's almost embarrassed by his girlfriend's provincial attitude when she assumes he'd be "upset he kissed a guy."

Plus five points to Hillary Duff's Olivia for wearing a Herve Leger dress despite not being a stick. Duff's got real person arms and a body that's lovely but has a few lumps here and there like yours and mine. I love that this imperfect girl is the one who is cast as the glamourous film idol. Now, if only Duff could act...

Plus ten points to Blair for realizing she was wrong to manipulate Chuck and being the bigger person by seeking him out and apologizing. I hope this will be a catalyst for some prof-feminist personal growth.

Plus 5 points to Chuck for not just taking Blair back right away. She abused his trust and she SHOULD have to earn it back. I don't care how good in bed she is (Although I'm sure she's VERY good).

Plus 30 points to Carter for wanting to pay back his debt to the Bucklees to prove he can be an honourable and responsible person. I get why Serena wanted to spare him from the oil rig, so I'm not deducted points for her. She loves him and wants him with her and not to suffer, but I'm liking his new responsible attitude, and now Carter doesn't want to be with Serena if she doesn't want to let him make up for what he did.

Total Score; Plus 55 (mad points!)

General Comments:

This week's episode was pretty feminist-sexy to me. I loved the bi-curiosity and the dresses that don't hide Hillary Duff's arms. The episode made me proud to watch the show. This week's was innovative tv! I also hope we see more of V's mom in the future. Lily's "Wasp Mom bitchface" might be deadon, but V's "hippie mom bitchface" was so judgey I felt judged by it. It was like she was staring at me THROUGH THE TV. My housemate wasn't home, so I watched to show alone, and that whithering look she gave while taking about shallow Hollywood celebrities nearly kept me up all night.

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