October 13, 2009

The Gossip Girl Feminist Index, Season 3, Episode 5

This week's episode was much better than last's. It still wasn't as good as the auction house episode, but at least the moral of this week's story isn't, "Remember your name."

Plus 5 points to Blair for not liking Bree. Sure, she was a little too rude at the table. I mean, Blair Waldorf is a master of the subtle slight, so she really didn't have to be quite so blatant about her vitriol, but Blair is proving to be a good judge of character. There always was something super shady about Bree and Blair was proven right.

Minus 5 points to Blair for her defense of WHY she doesn't like Bree: "I know women, and trust me, none of us are that nice." Ugh! Furthering stereotypes about bitchy catty women is so not feminist-friendly in my books. We women can be super nice. Blair just has never hung out with any true friends, which is because she's still 18. Once she's in her twenties, she'll find only losers still hang out with mean girls, because most girls have learned it's just more fun to be nice.

Plus ten points to Serena for taking a year off to work in publicity despite the fact that it apparently means NOT living off her mother's money. I would give her more points for this sacrifice, except she's living in her best friend's Park Avenue penthouse for free, so it's not like her standard of living went too far down-hill. I do suppose she'll have less shopping money, though. I guess now she'll have to go to Bloomie's instead of Bendel's. Poor girl, she's become so upper-middle-class.

Minus ten points to Vanessa for initially letting Georgina blackmail her. WTF? V., you're supposed to be the one with integrity. Well, I guess there was that incident last year where she stole Nate's letter to Jenny too, and that she staged a public make-out session with Chuck to get revenge on Nate and Blair, so she can't really have THAT much integrity. No, V.'s really self-righteous, but she's not that good a person, is she?

Plus five points to Vanessa for coming clean to Dan pretty early into the blackmailing plot. She didn't let it go TOO FAR, even though the whole "I lied about Scott being your real brother" secret was probably really hard to confess.

Plus five points to Serena for dumping Carter when she realized he had just left Bree's cousin at the altar, like, a year ago. I kind of like this new decisive Serena who doesn't like bad news guys. Now, if ONLY she weren't played by Blake Lively, she and I could have a fictitious feminist fangirl/tv character love affair, but we can't, because Blake does play Serena and she will never learn how to modulate her voice or wear clothes in her proper dress size. Too bad, because it could have been a beautiful friendship, and I also could have lent Blake some clothes that aren't too small.

Plus five points to Nate for dumping Bree as soon as she betrayed him. Nate has gotten smarter from going to university we now know, because he UNDERSTANDS betrayal. This is huge progress!

Total Score: Plus 15.

General Comments:

Blair and Chuck are STILL boring. They used to be the best part of the show, and now I could kind of care less, even though Blair's outfits this week were super chic - especially what she wore to the wedding. I also liked how Lily wore red to her wedding. I mean, it's her fifth, so switching it up and not wearing white just seemed a little bit more tasteful to me. But speaking of clothes, what is WITH Serena's work wardrobe? I know she works in publicity, which is not like working in accounting, but still! How are you going to bend over in a skirt that short, Serena?

I have another weird observation. Has anyone else ever noticed that everyone on the show has the same ring-tone? I mean, now that ring-tones are so incredibly various, wouldn't you expect at least one character to have different taste and select something else? I graduated high school in 2004, and even THEN we didn't all have identical ring-tones, so you'd think these kids, with all their money and their 21st century technical savvy, would have a wide array of ring-tones? You know at least one asshole in the group would have "Love In This Club" as theirs. You just know it! Also, teenage boys typically have ring-tones that sound like the theme songs from 1970's pornos or excerpts from rap songs. Trust me, I have a teenage brother and I do a lot of community outreach with/teaching of teenagers. Teenage boys, whether it's because of nature or nurture, usually seem to have no class. Sorry to essentialize them, but I find it's true. God, I'm in such a binarist mood today! It's really upsetting...

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