September 26, 2009

A Lamentation for Judy Greer

You all know who Judy Greer is, right? She played Jennifer Garner's best friend in "13 Going on 30", she played Katherine Heigl's best friend "27 Dresses" and she most recently played Jennifer Aniston's best friend in "Love Happens." I like this girl, she is super talented (Have you seen The Village?), she's very pretty in an unusual and striking way, and she's always the best part of any movie she's in. Now, Greer doesn't just do romantic comedies, she has also been on "House" and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" in addition to "The Village." Girl has range. So could HBO PLEASE cast her as something in a starring role?

No one in Hollywood who doesn't fit the stereotypical babe mold makes it, and that makes me said. This is why Jessica Alba, whom audiences hate, still gets starring roles and Judy Greer has to play the irritating Jennifer Aniston's best friend. Judy might be quirky, but she's better than bland Jen and her boring straight pretty hair.

I'm not sure what I intend to accomplish with this blog entry, other than saying that life is unfair! Judy Greer deserves better! If you ever have the opportunity to watch her play anything other than the snappy sidekick, please do. Support Greer when people give her a chance. Show them you like her, please!

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