September 15, 2009

The Gossip Girl Feminist Index - Season 3 Season Premiere!

Today is a truly great day! It is the return of the Gossip Girl Feminist Index! Woo! Yay! So happy. Anyway, let's get straight down to it, shall we?

Minus 20 points to Chuck and Blair for playing their disgusting little sex game. I mean, I'm all for being as kinky as you want, but getting off on humiliating unsuspecting girls IS NOT COOL. I know they all know Chuck has a girlfriend when they agree to fool around with him, but these girls aren't committed to Blair. They aren't the key moral agents here. They are still being exploited, not taught a lesson, in my books.

Minus ten points to Dan for lying about being rich. I know, Dan, you are obviously a poser and always have been, so now you are posing as poor, but being insincere is just not cool. Admit you aren't immune to being seduced by wealth. Stop being such a hypocrite!

Plus 10 points to Vanessa later in the show for pointing out that Dan is being a hypocrite with his newfound wealth.

Plus 5 points to Serena for standing up to Rufus about her European escapades (Which honestly didn't seem that bad, besides the one where she let Prince Harry take a shot off her boobs. Ew! Harry is cute and all, but he is kind of smarmy!). The others were all classy topless sunbathing photos. To be fair, in Europe, everyone sunbathes a bit naked - even Angela Merkel. Serena was just being continental....

Minus 10 points to Serena for the real reason she was taking those photos and baiting the paps - her dad! Really, your father doesn't love you and it's silly that he doesn't; he is an asshole, but if you really wouldn't otherwise take those photos, Serena, playing the attention whore is NOT WORTH IT. Let him go. If he doesn't want you, he's not worth having.

Minus 5 points to Blair for being so reluctant to tell Chuck her true feelings about their little game until he forced it out of her. Blair, you are a strong woman who was even able to tell Chuck you loved him when you knew there was a good chance he wouldn't say it back, so I don't understand why you've gotten all passive aggressive and incommunicative now that you're his girlfriend.

Plus ten points to Blair and Chuck for their waitress/patron sex game at the end of the show. Role-playing and finding ways to get the most enjoyment out of sex are feminist things in my books. I also loved how in this particular sexcapade, it seemed like Blair was taking the aggressive role. Good for them, switching stuff up in bed, and good for the show for illustrating strong female sexuality.

Overall Score: Minus 20.

Overall Comments:

Last night's episode was not very feminist-friendly in my books. It had lots of very problematic elements. That does not mean, however, that the SEASON will not overall be feminist-friendly. One thing Stephanie Savage, who is brilliant, could be doing is setting up a lot of problematics, like Dan's hypocrisy and Serena's ridiculous attempts to reunite with her father, just so she can deconstruct them all season long. I live in hope. I am optimistic. I have faith in Savage.

Now, here are some miscellaneous comments about Chuck and Blair. Why the fuck are the so much less hot together this season? It's not just because they are together and the suspense is gone. They don't grab each other like they used to. What, two months into a relationship and your boyfriend stops grabbing your ass? Chuck would never stop grabbing Blair's ass. That is the test of how enduring their love really is. He would never just hold her face and tell her he just wants her "to be happy." If Chuck Bass had to say something corny, he would do it while taking Blair to the nearest park and ravishing her beside the duck pond. Now he's all completely appropriate hugging and smiles and it's gross! I have been waiting two seasons to see these characters in a relationship, and I WANT THEM TO GET IT ON! Where are the threesomes? Where are the sex tapes? Where are Blair's sexy little strip teases from back in the day? Can we at least have those back? Instead of enjoying all my suggestions, Chuck and Blair choose to be kinky by humiliating models before going back to their vanilla-looking make-out sessions. Ugh! At least that sex game at the end of the show seemed promising.

As a sex-positive feminist, next week I want more feminism and more sex from Gossip Girl. Stephanie Savage, please do not disappoint....


Tom said...

I think you are being way too forgiving towards Blair( just -5 poits?!) for her incredibly disappointing and deeply antifeminist behaviour. Why the hell didt they also play the game so that Blair "cheats" on Chuck too? Blair taking the "aggressive" role in their waitress/patron sex game seems hardly the equivalent of the things she put herself through.

And why so much sympathy those unsuspecting girls? They know that Chuck has a girlfriend and they still went after him. Not very sisterly of them. Besides, how can they be exploited if they only want sex with Chuck? It"s not like they were led on with stories of romance/relationship,so Chuck was playing emotional mind games with them or something.

But kudos for criticising Serena and Dan. They were truly pathetic.

Outside of ideological/critical analysis, this episode wasnt too bad, but I was expecting more from season three opening. Hopefully, next week we"ll see all of them settling in at Columbia/NYU/Brown (and start studying poststructuralism?).

rantsalamode said...

You are very right, Tom. The game was one-sided. It really fed into gender stereotypes about the insatiable male libido and the shrewish scorned woman; however, the girls were being exploited, in my books, because their humiliation and trauma was being used to get Blair and Chuck off. Yes, they knew he had a girlfriend, but blaming them is like blaming Angelina for breaking up Brad and Jen. Angelina wasn't committed to Jennifer Aniston. She was betraying no one, so in my books, the blame does not fall on her, but entirely on Brad. Same would go here if Chuck really did cheat with Abercrombie model.

I will work on being more critical of Blair in the future, however. I think my problem is I just see so much potential in her for being a feminist hero that I sometimes forgive her for her anti-feminist follies too easily.

Chloe said...

sarah--just tuned in!

looking forwards to your posts.

i have to disagree with your point that the girls in chuck and blair's escapades are 'exploited.' (and not bebcause i genereally find any argument against exploitation). they love it too- the fact that he has a girlfriend and it's blair just makes it that much more fun.

keep em coming...

hope all is well