September 28, 2009

The Gossip Girl Feminist Index - 3.3

It's time for The Gossip Girl Feminist Index!

Today's episode was highly entertaining, but was it feminist-friendly? That's what we're about to find out!

Plus 5 points to Georgina for owning a copy of "Our Bodies, Ourselves." It's a lovely feminist guide to women's bodies that has been translated to countless cultural contacts and languages. Now that we're in college, we read feminist books! I like this....

Minus five points to Vanessa for breaking various privacy laws to spy on her boyfriend. Listen, all signs point to imposter! When that happens, stop the spying, go with your gut and dump the guy! Also, as a sidebar, how did SUPER WASPy Lilly and relatively WASPy Rufus have a child who looks so ethnic? My housemate thinks he looks like he's of a quarter descent from somewhere in the Middle East. I say he looks half Persian. The point is, however, bad casting call! Or maybe Rufus is not the REAL father of Lilly's bastard baby and we will find out that she had an affair with a Persian aristocrat right after breaking up with Rufus. That would make a good story arc for season 4.

Minus five further points to the random girl who ENABLED Vanessa by TELLING her Scott is not registered at NYU. That is not sisterhood, that is petty and illegal. Does no one have a concept of the criminal code on this show?

Minus five points to Blair for getting super excited about Le Table Elitaire, a made-up secret society. Blair is also only in first year, so if this club is all about academic elites discussing shit together, why would she ever dream she was already educated and cultured enough for it? Blair, this is why you shouldn't have skipped French history! A society based on the model of French salons would NEVER pick a frosh who doesn't even have a major yet. Attitudes of entitlement, when this absurd, are certainly not feminist-sexy.

Plus ten points to Blair for attempting to initiate sex with Chuck. I like how sexually aggressive and sex-positive the girls are on this show. They aren't innocent flowers or passive objects of male pleasure, which is great. I do, however, wish Chuck would have been more receptive to Blair's "trenchcoat and lingerie" routine.

Plus five points to Blair for stealing Chuck's shoes upon realizing he was trying to distract her with sex so he could buy the photograph they both wanted. I like a woman who knows what she wants and doesn't let her boyfriend walk all over her!

Minus five points to Blair for surrendering the photograph both she and Chuck needed to him simply because he needed it and she "loves him." Yes, but Blair, he loves you too, and so by that logic, he should also want to give it to you! Why is his business deal more important than your personal goals all of a sudden. Sure, the Table Elitaire was made up and sounded weird anyway, but it meant something to Blair, so the fact that her boyfriend's interests trumped her own so easily just isn't feminist-sexy. Has Blair been tamed? I hope not, but I mean, a few scenes before, she was all stealing Chuck's shoes, and now she's GIVING him the photograph. It doesn't look good.

Plus ten points to Serena for standing up for her best friend to Georgina. Yay solidarity! No, G. shouldn't have fucked with B. like that. S. is right to let her know there is gonna be a reckoning! I love the strength of the female homosocial bonds on this show.

Overall score: Plus ten points.

General Comments:

So, Dan is surprised Serena is dating Carter, but that's strange. I mean, who ELSE is she supposed to date? I mean, every other guy on the show is her brother, with the exception of Nate, whose father Lilly probably would have tried to marry at some point had he not had to flee to the Dominican and then gone to jail. Serena just keeps accruing more brothers! When the show began, she had one, and now she has 4! There is no one LEFT for Serena to date. She HAS to give Carter a chance. Why doesn't Dan see this?

Also, I think it was very self-reflexive how Blair felt starved for Chair action in this episode. The audience feels starved for it too! Show us some! Don't end the scene BEFORE They go up to the hotel penthouse for a good time! Ugh, we can only hope it gets better next week, but at the moment, there really aren't any hot new Chair moments from season 3.


Anonymous said...

who's the forth brother?
eric, chuck, dan...?

Anonymous said...

and scott, rufus and lilly's 20 year old kid.