September 2, 2009

Down With Harper!

Please God let it happen - A Canadian election, I mean. Please God let people vote for Iggy. I think as a good feminist, it's important to vote and take an interest in our government, obviously, but also, I think we need to go farther this time. This time, we can't just vote, we need to get out there and tell people why NOT TO VOTE FOR HARPER. Get Loud, and get busy! Voting for Harper is something I fervently believe a real and well-informed feminist just wouldn't do. Harper, after all, slashed funding for the Commission on the Status of Women and justified this with Bev Oda just declaring women are already equal. That must explain why we still make 30% less than men for doing the same work, are still less than a quarter of MP's in the house of commons and why we so often get sexually assaulted without ever seeing any justice for it. Yep, we need to tell our friends why Harper sucks, make sure they vote, and maybe even do some community activism too. Get to the blogs, get to the rallies, and for the love of God, don't forget to get to the polls!

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