August 11, 2009

The Return of Gossip Girl!

Do you have your headband ready for September 14th? I do, I do! I got it from headmisstress accessories, a fabulous hair accessory label run by a Canadian artist based out of London. Check it out here. You can even order her catalogue and get stuff shipped to Canada if you REALLY like something. Anyway, Dan, who is lame as ever, doesn't seem to think that headbands are allowed in college in this promo here. Do you agree? I don't! I wore them all the time. I STILL Wear them to grad school to this day. I just got a bunch of new ones in honour of starting my PhD. If I can wear them to my THIRD university degree, Blair can surely wear them to her first.

Still, I am happy there are promos for new Gossip Girl episodes. They came out none too soon, because last night I actually had a Gossip Girl related dream, where, for some reason, Chuck's father was back from the dead and hitting on Blair, and Blair had to run away, but she couldn't find Chuck, so Rufus had to help her feel Bart Bass and find safety. Not even kidding - this is what I f-ing dreamt. This is how much I seem to love this show, even in a dream-state.

But, in other observations regarding this promo, does it seem from the way Blair says, "Thanks for brining me, Humphrey," and the way he pats down her hair almost lovingly, that perhaps he and Blair might develop something romantic this season? I'd never considered it until this clip, but as boring and lame as Dan is, he's kind of sexy when he's touching Blair. At least, he's his sexiest. The two seem to have chemistry together. So, here's what I think should happen just to keep things interesting this season: Obviously Chuck and Blair will be together for at least a bit, and Hillary Duff has a story-arc as Dan's love interest, but what would happen if both these relationships break up because Blair and Dan get a bit too close? Think about it - they're at NYU together, probably in the same classes. They don't know anyone else, but they're both good students, so they grudgingly decide to do a study-group together, and then, suddenly, all those years of amazing enemy-tension turn into explosive sexual tension! Of course, as they one day are confiding to each other about how they are each having problems with their respective significant others while cramming for a comparative lit exam, they will accidentally kiss, and just then, either HIllary Duff's character or Chuck will walk in, see the two, and bam! You know what would happen next - whichever one found the two together would go find their competition's partner, tell them the truth and then start some major revenge sex! What do you think? I know, I know, we all want Chuck and Blair to end up together in the end, but if we want the show to last several more seasons there have got to be some twists and turns along the way....

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