August 19, 2009

Perez Hilton on Abortion...

Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant. That is not that interesting. People get pregnant all the time and she's just on reality tv; however, what is interesting is Perez Hilton's reaction to Ms. Kardashian's admission that she considered getting an abortion before finally deciding to have the baby. In regard to her decision to keep the baby, Perez says, "We think you made the right choice." WTF? Why would he have an opinion? How does he know if she's ready to have a baby or not.

Ms. Kardashian makes it clear that, despite not having an abortion, she supports the right of women to choose do to what they want with their bodies in her comments. This is admirable. She is standing up for family planning choices. She does not want her decision to keep the baby despite her pregnancy being unplanned to make her a role-model and endorsement for having a baby no matter what, even if you're not ready. For personal reasons she does not really go into, Ms. Kardashian likely decided she was prepared to become a mother, but Perez Hilton has no idea what those reasons are! Why must he endorse this choice when it doesn't concern him and for all he knows, it could be based on some hideously stupid logic, like, "Oh, if I have this baby, I'll get my ex-boyfriend back!" I'm not saying this example of stupid logic is why this woman is having a baby, but what I am saying is, blind endorsements for keeping a baby are not cool. Perez has no idea what he's applauding here.

Anyway, it doesn't come as a surprise to me that Perez seems to have anti-choice leanings - he's a misogynist, and his various displays of sexism and gay slurs have been well-documented on this blog. Still, his opinions are widely read and never stop being upsetting.

Still, one thing to be grateful for is Ms. Kardashian's relatively nuanced statement, although, where the FUCK did the doctor get off giving her that advice! Are doctors supposed to give such strong opinions when counseling women on whether or not to get abortions? I wish Ms. Kardashian would have realized what her physician said to her was incredibly inappropriate!

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