August 2, 2009

Lady Gaga the Anti-Feminist?

Why, in 2009, must this misconception still exist? In this interview, Lady Gaga (whom I think is immensely talented and is the new Madonna with a better singing voice) at one point admirable fights sexism in the media and the double-standard that says sexual female musicians are sluts but sexual male musicians are rock stars. This is great. I was falling in love with her at that point, but then, right after, when the journalist asks if she's a feminist, she responds, "No, I love men." Gaga, feminism is NOT about hating men. You are involved in the queer community and you fight sexism in the media where you find it - you sound like you'd be an awesome feminist to me!

You don't have to hate men or all facets or masculinity to be a feminist to me. The only thing you have to hate is what bell hooks calls "white supremacist capitalist patriarchy." When it comes to fighting that, hooks also says that men are our "comrades in struggle" and she's one of our best third-wave icons. See, Gaga, hating men is so not now when it comes to feminism, so it's weird that you should think it is, because I thought you were supposed to be all fashion-forward. (feminist) Snap.

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