August 14, 2009

Jessica Valenti: I love you, but do something about your effed up def. of feminism...

I Looove Jessica Valenti, and I love her work on (for the most part). I've seen her speak live and she's awesome, and I've read her books and they are mostly pretty cool too. Watch this video with her here. I agree with most of what she says, but WTF is up with her definition of feminism. It's all about "Equality for women" she says, because she claims that's the hardest one to argue with, but she admits later on in the segment that feminism is not just about women, because it's not! Feminism, to me, is a movement to eliminate what bell hooks calls "white supremacist capitalist patriarchy" and live in a world where people have the maximum amount of choice and opportunity to flourish. Let's not essentialise it as being all about the ladies if we want to sell it. Also, let's not prop up the gender binary, either. We want equality for transgendered people, gender-queer intersexed people and two-spirited people too, don't we? I think high-profile feminists like Jessica (Who features a decent amount of stuff on deconstructing the gender binary on her website) aught to make current feminist theories and missions clear.

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