August 10, 2009

In Celebration of Maryl Streep

This is what a woman performer in Hollywood SHOULD be like. Maryl Streep is in her 50's, but she's still relevant even in incredibly ageist Hollywood, which is wonderful! Here she is on Colbert promoting her new movie Julie and Julia. I love that she isn't full of herself and that she treats acting like a real job. I'm sure Streep has some super interesting acting techniques, but she knows what's appropriate when and why. It's not appropriate to get all pretentious about "craft" on Colbert, because it's NOT Inside the Actors' Studio.

Streep is adorable and she doesn't try too hard, either. Some people, when they're on Colbert, try really hard to be funny. Streep is just sitting back and relaxing. She isn't straining herself to be funnier than she naturally, and she comes off as quite cool. Also, Colbert is right - she is "The Actress." Non one else can compare - at least in mainstream American cinema. Who else could be equally amazing in Sophie's Choice and The Devil Wears Prada? No one else who is famous in Hollywood at the moment.

Now, I'm the first judgmental Canadian to say that good taste in America has massively down hill, but at the same time, the same country who made Spencer Pratt famous has also made and kept Maryl Streep one of the most prominent women performers in the country, honouring her with more Oscar nominations than LiLo has had break-ups with SamRo.

So please, let's go see Streep's movies, because even if they don't all interest you, aren't you still glad that she's around?

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