August 18, 2009

I Love Zoe Deschanel

Can I just praise my non girl-crush, Zoe Deschanel for a bit? Zoe is currently starring in indie Darling (500) Days of Summer, and not only is she a truly talented, charming actor, but her new musical duo, She and HIm, kicks muthafucking ass! She's not like one of those celebrities who has no talent and yet insists on acting AND singing. She really can do both. Also, Deschanel is legitimately articulate. I also love how she hasn't much changed her look since becoming famous. She doesn't feel the need to become someone else; she seems really comfortable in her own skin.

Here's a sample of Deschanel's singing awesomeness here . You may recognize the song from the (500) Days of Summer bank dance video. Well, it really is Deschanel singing for her musical duo She and Him. Isn't she cool?

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Judith said...

sarah! thanks for posting that, it was the cutest video. makes me want to learn the dance moves :D

- judith