August 17, 2009

Hilary Duff: Enough Is ENOUGH!

Click here for a link to an interview with HIllary Duff about her upcoming arc on season three of Gossip Girl. I have said it before and I'll say it again, Duff seems like a nice girl, and physically she's super cute, but why do we have to keep her famous? Not every nice pretty girl deserves a tv show! Why does she have to be on Gossip Girl? Her interview about her character is just so vacuous. She speaks in such cliched language - eg. "My character likes Dan because she thinks it's refreshing that he likes her for her." Yuk! Perhaps that's not a direct quote, but she says something like that - "he likes her for her" was definitely in there.

Compared to Leighton Meester's candid and incisive reflections on the symbolism of Blair's wardrobe and her motivations, Duff just comes off as such an amateur. And that's the problem with Duff - she doesn't have natural talent and she wasn't ever really trained, either. She was allowed to coast through life as a child star because she had a friendly face and pretty eyes. If Miss Duff wants to keep acting, maybe she should take a page out of her character's book and GO TO SCHOOL and study it. Have you seen Material Girls? Yeah, that is what Hillary Duff has to recommend her. That, and being a puck bunny...

Just when you think television is rewarding talented women, we start celebrating mediocrity again with Hillary Duff.

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