August 21, 2009

Friday Frivolity

I'm still depressed from the article I read in the Toronto Star yesterday about homeless queer youth and the lack of appropriate services available for them, so today, I don't want to write about anything too too serious. Instead, I'm going to be judgey and mean. Have you seen the pictures of Renee Zellwegger from Letterman last night? Okay, Lainey is right; Renee is a serious actor who shouldn't be so damn concerned about her effing posing. She's like Kate Wimslet, so why does she need to starve herself like Victoria Beckham or try to make a bootyicious pose a la Jessica Biel or Kim Kardashian (women who have to be bootylicious, because they don't have talent!)? That, however, is not the point of my rant today. The point of my rant today is that stars effing overdress! Look at this dress! It's not that it's not beautiful. I love it, it's gorgeous. In fact, I have one very similar (though likely 5% of the price), which I wore to my LSE graduation ball. This leads me to the observation that, Letterman is NOT prom! You are not at the Met Ball! Do not wear an $8000 couture cocktail dress!

Once upon a time, celebrities used to wear jeans and a cute top or the type of dress I would wear to a nice dinner with friends on a Saturday night (just a bit more expensive) on shows like Letterman. Why do celebrities now feel the need to dress like it's the Oscars on late-night tv? It's not just Renee, because I've seen Hillary Swank, Nicole Kidman, Blake Lively and countless others pull this shit too. Once, I'm pretty sure I saw Nicole Kidman in a $12,000 Prada gown I would have felt comfortable wearing to a presidential inaugural ball on The View. The view is filmed at 11 am, people! Who rolls out of bed and puts on their silk Prada masterpiece first thing in the morning?

I love fashion. I think it's art with real social significance, but I also think it involves etiquette and knowing what's appropriate when and why. I wouldn't wear jeans to a ball thrown by the king of Sweden, so why the fuck would you wear a ball gown to The View, when the people watching you are mostly at home in their sweatpants? It's just not cool to lord over everyone else whom you are addressing how much more fabulous you are than them. To be sure, celebrities are more fabulous than us to an extent. That's what we pay them to be, but I'm offended by the extent of their excess glamour and money being put on display when they overdress this way. It makes me feel poor and sloppy, which, in a recession, everyone is already feeling to an extent, so why must celebrities lord it over everyone how they get free dresses and shit? It's time to show a little bit more sensitivity and intelligence for these over-dressers. It's time for them to show us how hot they can look in a tailored suit some nicely fitted jeans and a cashmere sweater. I'm not asking them to shop at the Gap, but I would prefer if they would leave their couture gowns for the Red carpet....

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