July 23, 2009

WTF Fashion Moment

Here is my superficial rant of the day: Why is Blair Waldorf wearing a tacky dress that looks like it's from 1998 with ugg boots and a hairstyle like Heidi? Do you remember the Heidi books? They were good books. Heidi was kind of like a Swiss Anne of Green Gables. Good, strong female character, but definitely not a current fashion icon. They did television and screen adaptations of the book and in those Heidi wore her hair like Meester in this picture. WTF? What is the inspiration for the look in those stills? First off, Blair would NEVER wear uggs. I wear them because they are warm, but that's only in the winter and only because I like in Canada. Sometimes I wear them in the fall when I'm being casual because they are comfy, but who the fuck wears them in the summer with a shiny dress? Especially when Serena looks all Herve Leger and fabulous in her very current outfit? I'm telling you, there had better be a REASON Blair is dressed this way, or the show's wardrobe woman ought to be replaced. My current theory is that Georgina, who is Blair's roommate, has stolen all of Blair's clothes from their room as her revenge and has left Blair only with a dress that once belonged to her mom in the 90's and a pair of dirty uggs. That would be a pretty funny prank where Blair is concerned, non? Hit her wear it hurts, Georgina!

Still, even if they do explain Blair's outfit in the plot, we have to explain why Serena (Thought looking hot, admittedly) is looking so sexy before 9 pm. A dress like that is not for the daylight hours, I don't think. But then again, I wear lots of scarves and camisoles, so don't ask me, maybe I'm a prude...

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