July 25, 2009

The Proposal: A Broadspot Film Review

I saw The Proposal last night. The good news is that I liked it. It is a good romantic comedy starring an excellent comedic leading lady (Sandra Bullock). Bullock is a real star. She is in her 40's. She's undeniably a woman, and makes no pretenses about being girlish, and that's what's so great. For the first time in a long time a mainstream romantic comedy stars a real "leading lady" who can act, who has screen presence, and who isn't 25 (or in the case of Cameron Diaz in so many films, 35 but trying to PLAY 25). Bullock is in her 40's and is fine with that. Let's applaud that, shall we?

The only thing wrong with The Proposal is that Ryan Reynolds is in it. He is too orange to be taken seriously. Really, Ryan, lay off the the fake tanner, please! Scarjo, you don't do fake tanning, so why do you let your husband do it? There is also one moment that I can't really decide if it's racist towards aboriginal people or not, but even if it just exoticises aboriginal culture, but is not mean-spirited, which I suppose makes it not too, too sinister. But still, there is something in this film worth recognizing. T

he star of this movie is SB. She gets the best lines and even makes some moments funny that with any other actor otherwise wouldn't be. She's beautiful but she's not afraid of acting goofy. She's not afraid of being funny. The Proposal will remind you of "While You Were Sleeping" in some ways. There are definite plot similarities, but the differences between this film and that classic romcom are what make The Proposal so great. Bullock is all grown up and owning her adulthood. She's not gamine anymore and that's okay. She makes no apologies for being a powerful Hollywood player who produces her own movies, just like her character makes no excuses for being in charge of a successful publishing house. I dig that. It's way better than watching Kate Hudson wandering around in a bikini to distract us from the fact that her movie has no plot...

So, if you like good romantic comedies, this is a good one.

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