July 16, 2009

Gossip Girl Feminist Index: Summer Casting Edition

This is a summer edition of the Gossip Girl Feminist Index devoted to casting calls.

Casting Joanna Garcia - Plus 20 points.

I like Garcia. She was really good on Privileged, which was cancelled prematurely. Critics love Garcia and she has genuine comic timing and critics love her. She's pretty and endearing but she's not afraid to be goofy, which makes her come off as something of a cross between a young Lucille Ball and Meg Ryan in all her 1990's romantic comedy glory. I like meritocratic casting, and she'll add a lot to the show as Nate's new love-interest, which people are speculating she was cast to play. My one concern is that she is a bit old for Gossip Girl. I mean, unless Nate's love-interest is MEANT to be an older woman (which I suppose she might be), their pairing will look a little bit like a baby-sitter and her charge instead of a hot new couple. Garcia isn't old (She's 30) but she has the definite demeanor of a woman. Not sure she could pull off being 18 well, or if she'd even want to.

Casting Hillary Duff - Minus 25 points.

I don't particularly hate Hillary Duff. Sure, her music sucks, and any time she tries to act, it's painful, but as a personality, I don't hate her. She is pretty and her clothes and usually nice and she never lied about being a virgin. I like all that. I like that she isn't an alcoholic and doesn't overdose on drugs. Still, just because she is a nice girl doesn't mean she deserves to keep "happening." There are lots of pretty girls who are too short to be models who don't get to be on tv, so why, just because Duff was famous for ten minutes in 2003, do we still have to try so hard to keep her famous today? Case in point: Why does Duff get to be on Gossip Girl? We already have one talentless former child star on the show (Blake Lively), why do we need another? Why must our culture promote mediocrity by giving amazing opportunities to people like Duff?

Just when you thought the show was getting it right, rewarding Meester for her considerable talent by making the show basically all about her, they have to go and cast ANOTHER Serena. Hollywood will never change. Movies and tv starring women are seen as bad because we cast women who are pretty but vacuous. If we rewarded the girls who prove they can act and discarded the ones who can't, maybe media texts aimed at women would garner a little bit more respect? Yes, you know what I'm saying - drop Jennifer Garner because she can't act and replace her with Molly Parker or Tina Fey.

Anyway, I won't stop watching Gossip Girl because of Duff (I don't think), but seriously? She is really going to annoy me! Did you know she brought the cast cupcakes on her first day of filming? Cupcakes! Christ alive, it is your job, you don't have to make everyone like you - just do your job! Sure, when it's a special occasion or you've decided you like them and want to treat them because they're your friends, bring them cupcakes THEN. On the first day, however, just act well. I can't stand pleasers. Duff is clearly a pleaser, what with the cupcakes. Although, I guess when you don't have acting ability, cupcakes are a good distraction.

I say cast more deserving Garcia's and fewer obsequious duffs. Alright, producers? Then you'll get my feminist blessing for your casting calls.

Am I the only one who is miffed about Duff getting cast on Gossip Girl?

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